The Page Green Residents’ Association is for everyone who lives or works in the N15 areas of:

Ashmont, Earlsmead , Pembroke, Colless, Townsend, Wakefield Roads, Page Green Terrace and Stephenson House (158 High Road).

Our association has been meeting since September 2011. Our aim is to get to know each other, build a strong community, and to get our concerns heard by Haringey Council and the police. Our major priorities have been:

  • Broken and uneven pavements

  • Rubbish collection & fly tipping

  • The lack of green / play space

  • Growing violent street crime

  • Unlicensed HMOs (houses of multiple occupation) operating without planning permission

  • Empty houses

  • Street drinkers

In the past few years, we have been amazingly active and successful. We have:

  • Gone on a walk-about around our neighbourhood, making a list of outstanding problems and taking relevant pictures of our concerns. This document was sent to various Haringey departments and our councillors who are now dealing with many of our issues.

  • Started a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in our area

  • Built a closer relationship with the police, who have helped us tackle a number of problems such as prostitution in the area

  • Got empty houses investigated

  • Got rubbish removed and made a dent in fly tipping

  • Been asked to be on the Tottenham Gyratory Stakeholders’ Committee to input into the new two way system and re-landscape Ashmount Open Space on Broad Lane

  • Raised funds to improve Rangemoor Open Space (Planting from 2013 summer 2015)

  • Raised funds to put up a community notice board, which was installed in 2013

  • Raised funds for a community street mural (monthy worksessions are taking place now)

  • Put in an application to re-landscape the Page Green Open Space along the High Road

  • Helped prevent a Rave Club from opening in the area

  • Linked up with other Resident Associations in Haringey

  • Worked to access some Tottenham regeneration money for our neighbourhood (on going)

  • Got to know our neighbours and made friendships

  • Organised our first anniversary party, which was held in October 2012 - see above link

Next Meeting: - TBC Summer 2022

Including the following:

  1. General update

  2. Area updates

  3. AOB

Rangemoor Open Space : Our next planting day - TBC

Page Green Residents Association is running a project to make the Rangemoor Open Space more welcoming, pleasant and colourful by planting flowers, climbers and raised planters. Please follow the above link for info/photos of our 1st, 2nd and 3rd planting days which took place in 2013-2015. With ongoing planting planned throughout the year.

To contact us, join or find out more, please email us on: